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cost of turnover being so high, employee retention should be one of your top priorities. Keeping your current employees challenged by moving them up or out into new roles is one of the best ways to keep them from moving on. Lateral or upward movement also helps to rejuvenate employees.

Time to Productivity

A brand new employee has a much higher learning curve than a seasoned associate. The time-of-hire to time-to-productivity metrics are drastically reduced, especially at a higher level, in those associates who already know your organization.

Culture Fit

Where better to find someone who is a cultural fit – both from a values and behaviors perspective – than from those who already work for you? Employees who have already proven themselves to be a great fit within the company have valuable intellectual capital you don’t want to lose.

As you look to make internal sourcing a critical part of your recruiting strategy, it’s important to have a process in place. Internal interviews should be conducted similarly to external interviews – because you still need to assess the candidate to make sure they’re a fit for the new position, the interview process should include questions targeting the required core competencies. It’s important to give internal applicants the same opportunities as external applicants to “wow” you. Prospective hiring managers aren’t always aware of the talent within.

One of the advantages to internal interviews is that the new hiring manager can gather performance feedback from the previous manager and gain access to the employees’ performance reviews – all solid indicators as to how this person may perform in their new role.


Sometimes, in an effort to close skills gaps or infuse new ideas into your organization, you’ll have to look for external talent. Here’s how to attract the best of the best:

Target passive applicants

Sometimes the best candidate for the open position isn’t even actively looking. In order to Talentclick make it easy to determine the likelihood of a candidate excelling within the company culture.

Simulation assessments

One of the best ways to know how someone will perform on the job is to see them in action. Ask your candidates to participate in a mock-up scenario similar to those they would actually encounter on the job. This is an excellent way to test for skills and personality characteristics related to customer service, problem solving, negotiation, compassion, empathy, stress tolerance, and critical thinking.


Skillsurvey uses data-driven insights to help employers quickly obtain feedback from candidate references. This is an excellent way to streamline the processes of vetting candidates and building a pool of passive applicants.

The Interview

Although the interview process might seem simple from the candidate’s perspective, you know just how much work it actually takes. Thoroughly Client Login

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